The Hobbit

JR.R. Tolkien


Bilbo Baggins the hobbit in happy with his happy quiet hobbit-hole, but Gandalf the wizard ruins that. He comes with 13 dwarves looking for an adventure and a hobbit. Soon Bilbo agrees to go on the adventure and faces many challenges and enemies. Facing trolls, goblins, and giant spiders is nothing to what Bilbo has to do later. Bilbo must face Smaug the dragon and rescue the lost treasure of the dwarves. In the end, it's not Bilbo who defeats Smaug, but Bard, a man. Since it wasn't Bilbo who defeated Smaug, a battle is fought over the treasure. They two armies join up in the end and defeat Smaug's army. When Bilbo has to go home after the funeral of his three fallen friends he comes home to everybody thinking he's dead. He clears up the misunderstanding, with some reluctance from others, and lives a long happy life.

Four Favorite Quotes

-"Why, O why did I ever leave my hobbit-hole!"-Bilbo Baggins

-"As soon as it was light they could see the forest coming as it were to meet them, or waiting for them like a black and frowning wall before them."

-"Well, here is Mirkwood," said Gandalf. "The greatest of the forests in the Northern World."-Gandalf

-'I will give you a name," he said to it, "and I shall call you Sting."-Bilbo Baggins


Gandalf is the wizard that saves Bilbo and the dwarfs from many dangers. He helps the dwarves defeat Smaug's army. He's also Bilbo's mentor and helps guide him home after the adventure.


Gollum is the creature that tries to trick Bilbo with riddles in his cave. BIlbo finds Gollum's invisibility ring on the ground and uses it to get out of the goblin cave. Gollum's ring helps Bilbo throughout the rest of the book's adventures.


No matter who you are, you can always go on an adventure

The Ordinary World

Bilbo begins in his hobbit-hole in the side of the hill. He loves eating and keeping everything the way it is.

The Call to Adventure

Bilbo receives the call from Gandalf when Bilbo is on his front porch and Gandalf asks if he wants to go on an adventure with him.

Refusal of the Call

Bilbo responds to the call by saying no to an adventure with Gandalf, but Bilbo invites him to tea the next day.

Meeting with the Mentor

Biblo's mentor is Gandalf the wizard. Gandalf thinks Bilbo is the right person because he needed a burgular and hobbits are very quiet. Plus, Bilbo's a hobbit.

Cross the Threshhold

The Ordinary World slips away and the special world begins where they meet the trolls and they almost get eaten. Bilbo's fears are not overcome at this point because he didn't save the dwarves, Gandalf did.

Tests, Allies, and Enemies

Bilbo's friends are the dwarves and Gandalf. His enemies are the trolls, Gollum, the goblins, the wolves, the giant spiders. and smaug the dragon. Three tests that Bilbo has to face is the riddles with Gollum, saving the dwarves from the spiders, and helping the dwarves escape from the elve-king.

The Approach

The company reviews Bilbo going into the tunnel alone and seeing Smaug and the treasure. Bilbo is to carry out the most difficult plan of taking the treasure from Smaug's cave.


The biggest life-or-death challenge that Bilbo has to face is going into Smaug's palace and stealing a piece of the dwarves treasure for them. Bilbo steals a golden cup but alerts Smaug once he wakes up.


The rewards that Bilbo receives in the end is the amazing experience that he had and a chest of gold and a chest of silver.

The Road Back

Bilbo is very happy to return home after the adventure and be back in his cozy hobbit-hole.


When Bilbo returns home, people are selling his furniture in an auction since everybody presumed he was dead. Everybody views Bilbo as a nuisance because they did not want to have to give him back the belongings they got from the auction.

Return With the Elixer

Bilbo is not accepted back in the Ordinary World because nobody believes in his adventure. Bilbo's Tookish side is now content and happy with the adventure that he has had. This will affect his future decisions because now he will not do something crazy or foolish.