FBISD Game Changers

February 2016

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Jeanna Sniffin

Julie Diaz

Alice Ledford

Ida Ford

Christina Hopkins

Dee Know

Donna Fontenot

Laurie Sanford

Donna Whisonant

Lynette Meyer

Michael Ewing

Gwyn Touchet

Kristi Durham

Lisa Langston

Rizvan Quadri

Pamela Brown

Yolanda Young

Carmela Levy-David

Shenique Spears

1st Meeting

Wow! We are pumped up and ready to go after holding our 1st FBISD Game Changers Meeting this evening! We met to review our purpose, create norms, and sign up for committees!

If you were not able to attend- no worries, we have you covered! Please review the information below for meeting details and to contact the Chairperson of the committee you are interested in joining!

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Our purpose:

FBISD Game Changers exist to create unique experiences for all FBISD Employees which will inspire "all" members to provide excellent service while creating a district atmosphere built on trust, respect, high expectations, and fun!

Meeting Norms:

1. Be open and honest in a respectful way.
2. Actively engaged and listening to others (low tech).
3. Have FUN, think outside the box!

FBISD Game Changer Committees

Each team member signed up for a smaller committee based on their interest! Please take a look at the committees below and email the Committee Chairperson and Shenique Spears stating your interest. The Chairperson will provide you with news and updates!!

Culture Team = this team would be responsible for helping to create culture centers within the admin building, ANNEX, and providing principals/leaders with assistance on their individual campuses. This is something that Dr. Dupre talked about so I’m sure the District would provide funding.

Culture Team Committee Members are:

1. Deirdre Holloway (Chairperson)

2. Kristi Durham

3. Lynette Meyer

4. Alice Ledford

5. Gwyn Touchet

6. Jessica McMullen

FBISD Apparel – this team would work with Dina in Finance. We talked about selling shirts, jackets, hats, etc. This could help us raise money for our Game Changers Group!

FBISD Apparel Committee Members are:

1. Jeanna Sniffin (Chairperson)

2. Lisa Langston

3. Meredith Watassek

4. Donna Fontenot

5. Nikki Roberts

Shout-Out Committee—this team would help recognize leaders birthdays, retirements, promotions, weddings, and other team accomplishments! We could ask for a regular spot on the agenda for this team to announce recognitions.

**Currently seeking committee members

Social Media Committee- this team would find cool ways to get the word out about the awesome things we are doing in Game Changers by creating a website, tweeter, and so forth – we would probably need to get some guidance on this if we decide to keep it.

1. Rizvan Quadri (Chairperson)

2. Lisa Langston

3. Latecha Bogle

Social Hour Committee – this team would plan monthly socials – or maybe narrow it down to once a semester outings for leaders to meet up and have enjoy one another’s company.

1. Pamela Brown (Chairperson)

2. Christina Hopkins

3. Donna Whisonant

4. Lori Sanford

5. Ida Ford

6. Lisa Baum

Games/Competition Committee- this group will be responsible for coming up with fun games/competitions to build spirit/morale during Thursday principal meetings!

1. Yolanda Young (Chairperson)

2. Ida Ford

3. Megan Evans

4. Michael Ewing

Next Meeting Dates (Please see revisions below):

Wednesday, March 2nd, 5:00 - 6:15
Thursday, April 14th, 5:00-6:15
Monday, May 2nd, 5:00-6:15

Smaller Committees may meet as often as you wish! Dates are subject to change based on district schedules.

Thank You Jeanna for an AWESOME Launch! Please see video below!

FBISD Game Changers - 1st Meeting