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The (very late) Book Day Edition - Part 2

April seems a long time ago now...

April does seem such a long time ago, and with all that's been happening in the Library we are only getting this Book Day update to you now! The children made a spectacular effort in their costumes. So many children (and parents) got extra creative with their handmade outfits, we were blown away by how much effort was made. Below are a selection of the amazing costumes that arrived at Peak School that day.

On the day, as well as the parade we also had the premiere of our documentary movie " This book changed my life". There is a link below to the movie. It felt like most of the school arrived that lunchtime to watch the movie and it is just so precious to hear how personal books can be to our understanding of ourselves. Do watch it and let me just tell you now - keep some tissues handy.

Finally on Book Day, Year 1 and 2 had an author visit form Jessamy Woolley and the star of her book Billy. More about that follows below.

There's still so much to do in the Library before the end of the year and in the library we are looking for some help, this newsletter also has information about how you can support us make some exciting changes to the library for our junior readers before next year. I do hope you can offer some of your time - we really need all hands on deck!

You can contact us using the details below, or just pop in, we'd love to see you!

The Library Team

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Jessamy Woolley and Billy the Cavalier visit on Book day.

Our final event on Book Day was a wonderful visit from local author Jessamy Woolley who was accompanied by a very special guest Billy the Cavalier, the star of her book. The book follows the adventures of Billy as he climbs up the Peak and makes lots of friends along the way. The children of Year 1 and 2 enjoyed the opportunity to pet Billy, who was very responsive to their attentions. Billy showed impeccable training and control considering the great enthusiasm with which he was met! A delightful way to end a very full and fun day.
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HELP!!! - We need you!

The genrification of Junior Fiction.

Before the end of the school year, the library is undertaking a huge project to change how our junior readers use the library. Currently when our readers want a bit more than a picture book they struggle to find something enticing amongst the full shelves of fiction that we have. It is because of this that in the library we have decided to 'genreify' junior fiction. This involves pulling all the early readers and shorter chapter books from our shelves and reclassify them into the type of fiction they are. We will then re-shelve all the fiction books creating a designated area specifically for the junior fiction. It doesn't end there! All year we have been squirrelling all the empty boxes from our printer paper reams, and we plan to convert them in to book holding boxes for the different genres of books.

When school re-starts after the summer what we should have is an area of our fiction library dedicated to junior fiction, any child looking for a spy book should be able to pull off the shelf a box of books at a reading level they can manage with 'Spy books' clearly visible. The aim is to make access to the books that our junior readers want to read much easier. Below is a picture to help you visualise how gentrification works.

With a project this big we are looking for as much help as possible.

Monday 10th June 1.30pm - 3.00pm

This is the time that we have set aside to cover the Paper boxes and get them ready for the books they'll hold. If you can join this working party we can offer you good fun and some yummy treats!

Monday 24th & Wednesday 26th - All day

This is the big one - we will be pulling the books from the shelves and re-classifying them by genre using both stickers and our cataloguing system. Then we will need to get them all back on the shelves again!

Any helping hands are welcome - no prior experience necessary!

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Author visits this term.

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Suzanne Younan

After a fantastic and inspiring visit with our Year 6's in April, Suzanne Younan came and shared her book "The Green Dragon" with the rest of the school during our Earth Week Activities in early May. The book is set in Hong Kong and highlights the plight of local animals as they contend with the continued and growing presence of plastic in the seas around Hong Kong. Suzanne was able to share not just the message of her book but also lots of helpful and practical ways in which we can be more aware of how we use plastic and reduce our reliance on single use plastic. An engaging and challenging message for us all, but also one that the children at Peak school understand and are working hard to achieve.
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Ritu Hemnani

As the Year six embark on their final Unit of Inquiry at Peak School, they had a really special introduction to the subject of migration by local author Ritu Hemnani. Ritu shared from her historical picture book "Gope and Meera' illustrating how migration impacts families through the generations. Ritu also led the Year 6 children on a journey of migration as they considered their own story and why people around the world migrate.