Olive Boone

who was

Olive Van Bibber was born on January 13,1783. By then there were 10 kids in her family, but she was the youngest in her family. Olive was 16 when she moved to ash grove, Missouri. Olive Van Bibber was married to Nathan Boone the youngest son of Daniel Boone

What did she do

She was a frontier woman. She had few legal rights and freedom to make her own choices. She had to work hard to get food and clothes and she had to make her own floor and chimney .She had to work harder when Nathan left. Most frontier woman stories had been lost to time.

Fun Facts

You can visit her house in defiance,Missouri,and you can visit her grave in ash grove,missouri. In 1787 Jacob Olives brother was kidnapped by the indians. Joseph was kidnapped by the indians four years later.

impact on the world

her impact on the world was that girls that are frontier woman can change the worlds rights on stuff they can and can’t do,and frontier woman can do there own things. It was hard to be a frontier woman because many woman couldn’t read or write in the early 1800’s. She was responsible for cooking, farming and making clothes.

Should we be like her

Yes we should be like her because she was a tough woman , problem solver,and had courage and worked hard. She was a tough woman because she had to make her own stuff. She was a problem solver because when Nathan died she got all his stuff, but she sold all the stuff because all the stuff they own was Nathans only. She worked hard because she made her a garden, sewing machine, and a chimney. She had courage because she traveled to upper Louisiana which took longer than she expected.

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