Decisions Decisions decide

By: Emma Briney

How I Made My Decision

We have learned a lot in 4H about opportunity cost and being responsible with money. I didn’t think we would need to know this as a kid and we didn’t deal with money. I was wrong after learning this I realized that we need to use this knowledge more than I thought. I had to use the knowledge when my grandma took me and my brother to target and gave us each $15.

The first step in the decision making model is to define the decision. I had to ask myself several questions. Like, will I spend all of the money or not and get the remainder in cash? What should I spend it on? How many things should I buy? Then I had to estimate the resources available. Some resources were the store, the clerk, the amount of money that I had ($15), and my knowledge.

The third step is considering the alternatives. I could have bought clothes, jewelry, candy, makeup, nail polish or anything at the store. The next step is gathering the information. Some information that I gathered was the price, brand, popularity, and the amount of the item.

The fifth step to decide is decide what you are going to purchase. Out of all of my decisions I bought earrings, nail polish, a piece of candy and One Direction mini posters. I also ended up getting back $4. The final step to decide is to evaluate my decision. When I got home I painted my nails and ate my candy. I think I made a good decision.

I learned a lot during 4H. I know how to use my money wisely and what will happen after I buy the product. From now on I will use these steps whenever I buy something.