Farm House Style

By; A.J. Wood

What is a farm house ( wrap around porch )

People who live on farms usually have some sort of farm house. Farms house style was first identified around the 1850's. Farmers made there house look like the barns and make it match everything around it. Another reason farmers do that is because they have left over wood from the barn they made. The different farm house styles are cracker house style, Victorian farm house, Pennsylvania dutch and piedmont.

All about farm houses and the people

People who live in farm house in the 1800 are farmers. They would have other farmers come and help build the house and barns. Farmers were all pretty nice to each other and would help out other farmers if needed help. If farmers where good at building they were the ones who built everything. There would be any where from three to five humans living in a farm house. The kids would have roles through out the day around the farm. The mom would be in the house or be working in the garden. There are many types of animals that lived on the farm. Farmers would have to pay taxes on the house, that is one of the many roles farmer have. Whoopi Goldberg and Kenny Rodgers are celebrity people who lives in a farm house.