What is Media Literacy ?

How I See Media Literacy

Media Literacy?

Media is something that we use in our everyday lives. The media informs us, entertains us, and sometimes distracts us which means there are some good things about the media but there is also some bad. It’s most effective with us students because we use our phones more than anybody. We can’t even sit in a class without pulling out our phones. We all sign up for Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., but we aren’t always careful when using them. We may not always use them with common sense, but we know how to use them which makes us media literate.

Being media literate will always come in handy because you need to know how to find information, or you will want to know how to stay entertained, or you may even want to know how to post that picture onto Instagram. There is a down side to being media literate because sometimes people don’t know when to stop using the media. They watch TV for maybe 8 hours, stay on Instagram for 4 hours, and they information they find they plagiarize because they get too lazy to put it in their own words because everything is given to them.

The media may be helping us in the world, but it is also bringing us down. We are becoming lazy and making media more important than anything else in this world. Plenty of students rather play video games and be on their phone before doing their homework. It is time to correct media literacy and teach people how to be correctly media literate.