Technology Tools

Ms. Greens Kindergarten Class

Dear Parents and Students,

In our classroom, we strive to use technology to its full potential, for both our teachers, students, and parents. This newsletter contains technology resources that I believe will benefit you as a parent as we continue to work together for the shared goal of providing our students and children with the best education.

Parent Resources:

A Closer Look:


This is a great app that allows teachers, students, and parents to all communicate in a safe, secure, and appropriate setting. It offers the convenience of real time communication without the risks attached to giving out a personal phone number. Teachers with older students that have their own cell phones can use this if they need to communicate with each other outside of the classroom, and parents of young students can utilize this to stay in touch with the teacher as needed. It is also a great resource for teachers that coach or mentor a group of students and need to meet up with them after school, on the weekend, or at competitions and meetings.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a website and app that allows teachers and parents to communicate and keep up with each other as well as the students behavior and grades. Students are aware of this app and can earn or lose points as the day goes on. This app often can take the burden of proof off of the teacher when it comes to a child who is misbehaving, and allows parents a glimpse into the classroom and to see how their child is when they aren't around. This is also a good way to reward positive behavior in the class, students with a certain number of points at the end of the week can be rewarded, and students who did not do so well can see immediate results of their actions.

Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is an app that allows students to really explore their creativity, and express themselves and what they are learning about. There is complete freedom on this app to create anything they can come up with. This is a good learning tool as well as a nice stress relief or reward. Students can use this to illustrate a scene from a book or do a rough sketch for art class. They get the opportunity to express themselves and have fun, as well as create something all their own. This could be used in an 'all about me' lesson or just a quick visual review.