Frederick Douglass

Mahogany Darnell

Background Information

  • Born as Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey
  • Born February 1818 on Maryland's eastern shore
  • He was a son of a slave women and an unknown white male
  • He was born a slave and lived with his grandparents
  • Mother died when he was 7
  • At the age of 8 years old, he was sent to Baltimore where he learned to read and where he first heard of abolition.
  • One of his quotes were "Going to live in Baltimore, laid the foundation, and opened the gateway, to all my subsequent prosperity."
  • Douglass was not opposed to all religions but he favored Christianity.

Abolition Movement

The abolitionist movement was an effort to end slavery in a nation. Many people believed that it was a moral and social evil; these people were called abolitionist. Abolitionist believed that the quote, "all mean are created equal" meant that they should have equal rights just like white males.

The idea of abolition stared in the northeast. In 1833 in Philadelphia , the first American Anti-Slavery Society convention was held. In many Northeastern cities, anti-abolition riots broke out.

The purpose of the abolition movement was to end slavery and receive equal rights for all men. Fredrick Douglass was one of the most important leaders involved in the movement.

Why and How did Douglass Get Involved?


Douglass was born a salve and later escaped when he got older. His goal was to abolish slavery in all its forms and aspects and promote the moral and intellectual improvement of colored people. To do so, he spoke out against slavery.


Frederick Douglass went around the country giving speeches to crowds about ending slavery. His first public speech was in 1841. Along with giving speeches he also distributed pamphlets. Douglass traveled the country for about four years. He also published a Newspaper in New York call the North Star. Douglass was successful and impacted the reform of the United States in a great way.