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Get to Know Myself My World'14

What is Myself My World'14?

Myself My World is a Global Community Development Programme which is run by AIESEC Turkey from 2008 nationally. 10 different LCs will run this project in 2014. Project target audience is high school students who are between 14-18 years old. Each year, project goal and agenda revised. As AIESEC Turkey, we believe that high school students have lack of self-awareness, self-confidence and vision for their own life. We want to increase these abilities by providing international learning circles and team work challenges. We expect from interns to interact with high school students as much as they can to improve their english abilities via conversation/discussion clubs. Camps areas can be universities, high schools or similar places.

Project Start Date: 23 June 2014

TN ID; TN-In-TR-KU-2014-2945
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Öznur Karasu
Organization committee President of Myself My World Project in AIESEC Kocaeli in Turkey