Manuel Noriega

Dictator of Panama


Manuel Noriega was the military leader of Panama until the United States removed him from power in1990. Noriega was a former politician and soldier of Panama. During his time in panama, he was found guilty for 8 counts of drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering, by the united states, He was also found guilty of murder in Panama and France.

Noriega is a man known as a strongman, waving a machete while delivering fiery speeches. From that moment, Noriega's career blossomed. He became involved with U.S. intelligence activities. A high-ranking drug enforcement officer recommended that President Nixon order Noriega's assassination, but Nixon did not follow through. When Trujillo died in 1981, in the following two-years a contest for power between politicians and military officers, Noriega emerged as the winner.

Noriega Capture News Footage

Noriega Capture

This video shows what the United States really thought of Manuel Noriega. The reporter also speaks of how Noriega is charged with accepting a 4 million dollar bribe from Colombian Cocaine cartel. This is quite disturbing to hear that this man was bringing such large quantities of drugs through Panama without being stopped. Luckily the United States captured him, December 24, 1989.