Marvelous Mexico

By Kaylee Schneider


This is a map of Mexico's cities and the climates zones.

Orange- Desert climate- Very hot climates, cool nights, very cold nights in winter, and low rainfall

Pink- Mountain and Prairie climates- low rainfall and cold winters

Dark purple- temperate climate- warm and dry winters

Aqua- warm climate- warm temperate all year round, pronounced rainy season

Light purple- Humid climate- temperate but humid with hot summers

Green- jungle climate- very hot and humid, tropical rainforest vegetation

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Mexican Culture


Mexico is rich inn natural resources. There most important resource is oil. Most oil preserves are mainly found under the southern and Gulf coastal plains. a few are found offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Although oil is the most important resource it wasn't always there. So the resources were considered valuable, Some of gold and silver minds that were just starting then are still operating today. Also new minds have been developed. With all of those minds together Mexico has been able to produce more sliver then any other country.


Most of Southern Mexico is humid and warm, but the Northern part of Mexico like the Yucatan Peninsula is hot and dry. The Yucatan Peninsula is in the climate zones of the tropical savanna, humid tropical, and a little bit of the steppe. In the Yucatan Peninsula most of the vegetation there is forest scrubs. In the picture below it shows the lush vegetation of the tropical savanna.
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