West African Kingdoms

Ghana, Mali, Songhai


  • Economic -The prosperity of ancient Ghana was because of the gold. They produced gold and traded it for salt. They traded with many places like Fez, Ghat, Jenne, Kano, and many more.
  • Political-they where governed by a king and divided into clans.
  • Social-The Kingdom of Ghana started in the grasslands north of the Niger River. The Soninke people where animists


Economic- they became prosperous because they where conquering areas to the west and north. They also traded gold for Salt

Political- they where governed by a king and the king was the most wealthiest

social- The Kingdom Of Mali was closer to the border between present-day Mali and Guinea.


Economic- they traded salt because they had a salt mine.

Political- for about 90 years Sunni Ali was the main leader of Songhai

Social- Their kings were Muslim.

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