Alan Turing- The instparation

by sarah

Who is Alan Turing

Alan was born in 1912 on 23rd of June in Paddington London. Alan was part of the all boys school : Sherborne school. He was not very popular at school in fact he was the chosen victim of the bullies of his school he only had one true friend his name was Christopher Morcom they grew closer every day until the became more than friends Alan and Christopher were lovers in school for many years until one day , the start of a new term, Alan came back only to find that Christopher had died of a bad heart disease. Alan was a under graduate from Cambridge university. he went and helped with artificial intelligence to try and break a code he was joined by the cleverest minds in the country. while he was there he built a machine that broke the Germans code at first he called it Christopher but later on it got changed to the Alan Turing machine this in our day is called a computer. he went back home to Paddington London where he was arrested for being a homosexual this got to overwhelming so he poisoned himself and died on the 7th June 1954 aged 49.

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