By Jessie Richardson

Bells Palsy

What is Bells Palsy?

Bells Palsy is a form of unidentified facial paralysis. If their is no known cause of the facial paralysis it is diagnosed as Bells Palsy. This results in the cranial nerve not working properly, that means you can't control the muscles on the affected side. This happens on one side of the face.

Body System

The condition effects the Muscular and Nervous system. It effects this system by no longer being able to move the muscles in the affected side of the face.

With and Without Bells Palsy

Someone without Bells Palsy shows full movement in both sides of the face. The facial nerves and muscles work properly. With Bells Palsy you are unable to move one side of your face.

Who is Affected?

It can affect people of any age.

How Does This Condition Arise?

It is blelived it is due to inflamed facial nerve. There are several causes for different facial paralysis case. However, if no specific cause can be identified, they classify it as Bells Palsy.


Doctor may diagnose Bell's Palsy by asking you questions. He may ask questions like how did your symptoms come up. He can also give you a physical and neurological exam to check your facial nerves.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Sudden weakness or paralysis on one side of your face that causes it to droop. This is the main symptom. It may make it hard for you to close your eye on that side of your face.

  • Drooling.

  • Eye problems, such as excessive tearing or a dry eye.

  • Loss of ability to taste.

  • Pain in or behind your ear.

  • Numbness in the affected side of your face.

  • Increased sensitivity to sound

In extreme cases both sides of the face are paralyzed. This is rare.


Often times this condition heals on its own. There are ways, once you can move the muscles on the affected side, to increase healing. Such as facial exercises.


Some one with Bells Palsy is expected to have a normal life expectancy. Bells Palsy usually only last for a short amount of time.

My Connections

My connection to this topic is that a little over a year ago my dad had this condition. We did not know anything about this desiese and were concerned for him. We told him he should see a doctor. He was to stubborn and refused. He was back to normal in less than a week.