Chrome and Google

What happens when we're logged in?

If you are anything like me, you like to have everything in one place so it's easy to find because that saves you some precious time.

For that reason I have transitioned to using Google Chrome's browser so I can personalize my internet experience and quickly find and create all sorts of wonderful things ranging from Screencasts to Presentations to Classrooms and Avatars- there's just so much!

Next year, the Chromebooks are hitting elementary schools here in DCS.

What does that mean? A whole lot of Chrome time.

So get ahead of the game and start preparing for the new arrival of devices by learning all the things you can do with Chrome and your Google Account. They kind of go hand in hand... ;)

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Are you logged into Chrome?

You can certainly still use the Chrome browser without being logged in- but realize that you are really missing out on the Chrome experience.

A sure sign that you're logged into Chrome is if you look in the top right corner and see your name in the browser (pictured above). Because I am logged in, all of my bookmarks and apps and extensions are available within my browser- including my browsing history!

That means if I use ANY computer, I would still have this information once I log into Chrome and I like that sense of security. :)

When you log into Chrome, you are automatically signed into Google

Logging into Google

When we log into Google you should see your name in the top right corner of the page on any Google site (Gmail, Drive, etc.) The Rubik's Cube (or the Waffle) icon allows us to easily navigate to other Google Apps like Docs, Slides, Drawings which is really nice.

For a printer-friendly outline of this information please click here.

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So, you can be logged into Google and not logged into Chrome- but not the other way around!

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