Adobe Voice

Storytelling made simple

Writing a story on paper is so 20th century!

In the 21st century, we need to help our students understand that submitting their work to their teachers for assessment is just no longer enough. They need to be creators and publish their work for authentic audiences. Adobe Voice is a perfectly simple app for primary aged students to publish their creative writing.

Put that iPad to work

Adobe Voice runs off of the iPad (sorry - not Android yet) which is a commonly used device in primary classrooms.

  1. Select one of the many provided templates or create their own template.
  2. Add a picture from their camera roll.
  3. Record a voice over for each picture.
  4. Repeat for each "page" of the story.
  5. Publish by sharing in a variety of public or private ways.

Watch below for a video tutorial from Richard Byrne

How to use Adobe Voice | screencast tutorial

Other Useful Applications

  • Take a picture of each step of a math solution and record their thought process to make their thinking visible
  • Create a storyboard for a drama production and each image has the instructions for students
  • Instead of giving students a instructions on paper for an assignment, share images and have audio instructions.

The Voice of an Educator

Adobe Voice: Inspire Learning

It's not just for primary students

Junior and Intermediate students could absolutely use this app as well.

  • Why not record a story in French?
  • ELL students could use this app as an opportunity to record their understanding of new vocabulary words
  • Why not have images of different parts of the cell appear with a definition of each one spoken in voice over?
  • Students could create study guides for each other. Each page is a picture of a historical figure or a key event from a unit with a question poised for the reader and listener to discuss.

Share Your Story in Minutes!

Adobe Voice: Show your story. In minutes.