Rome, France

By: Caitlyn Rausch

Rome, France Facts

My dream vacation is Rome, France

Rome, France is located in Europe

I have always wanted to go to Rome, France after I saw how pretty it was there.

The restaurants are the best thing there. They are known for there food.

10 Interesting facts

  1. There know for there food
  2. Capital is Paris
  3. There population is 65.7 million living in the country
  4. language is French
  5. Government is democracy
  6. There religion is mainly christian 64% are roman catholic
  7. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe.
  8. Italy is one of the most crowed countries in Europe
  9. the official name of Italy was the Italian republic.
  10. Almost four-fifths of Italy is either mountainous or hilly.


It will take about 9 hours and 30 minutes to get to Italy,

Rome Italy is 5,686 miles away.

I will be taking my dog (pepper) with me on this trip.

I'm getting there by plane because there is an ocean in the way for a car

I will be staying there for a week at first then maybe a month.

I will end up getting to Rome early in the morning.


I will be staying at a hotel called "ade" it will cost $246 a night.

Ade is a two story apartment and it will cost 1,722 for just a week. it is a very big apartment

I ill need to pack: PJ'S, shirts,jeans,shorts,tang tops, socks,etc...

I will have a one bedroom apartment, just for me and my dog

I will also have a bunch of pictures hanging up.


My trip will cost about $2694.40 just to go there.

My lodging will cost $246 a night, and I'm staying for 1 week which will equal 1,722 for just my apartment.

I will end up spending 15,000 dollars on this whole trip.

I think gas will cost up to about 50.00 dollars just to go to places.

I also think food will also equal about 50.00 dollars for the place im staying in.


I will end up going to one of there famous restaurants.

I will walk around Paris.

I will go see the Eiffel tower.

There will be a lot of gardens i will want to go see.

Hopefully there will be museums.


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