Ender's Game

By: Orson Scott Card

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This book has a 4.3 star rating!

"I absolutely loved this book.. The action and the situation the characters were put in was unbeliveable. Remarkable writing from the author." - Selena Gomez

"Wow, what a great read.. I couldnt put it down!" -Ellen Degeneres

"Suspenseful, intriguing and intense. What more could you want for a good read?! 5/5 stars." - New York Times

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The book Ender's game contains a series of emotions throughout the trials Ender goes through. Ender finds that the worlds circumstances aren't what they seem and he should follow his gut for everything. When an important person shows up at his house and gives him an offer that could change his life, what will he do? That's for you to find out.


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