Abraham Lincoln


personal life

Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln had an older sister Sarah and younger brother Thomas, who died in infancy. When young Abraham was 9 years old his mother died of tremetol (milk sickness) at age 34 . A few months after the death, Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnston, a Kentucky widow with three children of her own. In 1842, Lincoln married Mary Todd.

Type of government

Abraham Lincoln was a representitive Democracy

beliefs within their government

Capitalism, Federalism

Rise to Power

abraham lincoln was voted president in November 6, 1860.

Lincoln quickly gained a reputation as a driven man who rarely stopped work.

Lincoln spoke out against slavery but also made it clear that he believed that the South had the right to use slaves.

Reasons for or against world leader and their form of government.


Lincoln opposed slavery.

helped end slavery.


keep slavery legal in the northern states.

Lincoln said many times that if he could end the war

without freeing a single slave, that he would do so.

when they were the world leader

16th President of the United States (1861–1865)

the support of the people

Many people liked abe and many people didn't