MRMS Latin Updates

January 2017

Welcome back! Happy New Year!

Grade 7

Grade 7 is following a Roman slave as he tries to escape his master's home and flee to Roma to be with his girlfriend. Engagement is high as students practice ways to describe locations in Latin.

Seeing things in Aspen?

I hope that you are able to see grades and notes in ASPEN about missing work. If an assignment is missing the grade will be entered as "due" and I'll put a note right next to it with any additional information about how or when to submit the missing work. If there is not note, please help your student to complete the assignment ASAP.

Grade 6

Grade 6 has finished their Latin skip writing project and performances. Check out the latest in Roman fashion in the picture to the right. Students impressed their peers by composing and memorizing their own Latin story. Bene factum!

Does your student need extra time? Mondays: 2:30 - 3:30 pm!

Grade 5

Grade 5 spent the past several classes on a large writing project where they imagined they were Romans trying to explain why something in Nature happened (rain, tornadoes, animals, etc.) using only their imaginations. Romans gods and goddesses were our main characters who often faced several complications before solving their issue and at the same time creating something that humans saw as natural. Fascinating!

Aspen: Any how-to questions? Contact the main office of MRMS!