Exercising Changes Peoples Moods

by: Elia Dodson

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Feeling blue, Depressed, or Unmotivated? Have you ever wondered how exercise could benefit you?

Exercise has benefits ?

Yes, exercise has multiple benefits. It benefits by improving your mood , helps with heart diseases and increases self-esteem.

Improving your mood

  • Physical Activity stimulates brain chemicals that may leave you in a happier mood.
  • Increases your energy . Makes it easier to perform daily tasks.

Helps with Heart Diseases and other diseases too!

Exercising helps avoid health conditions and diseases. It helps with improve heart health and it can also reverse some heart disease factors.

Increases Self-Esteem

People who are cautious about there weight and put themselves down . Exercise could help fix that problem. Working out burns fats calories. After a workout you will be feeling like a brand new person. People will no longer be cautious on there weight and have more confidence on themselves.

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