Langer's Classroom News

First Grade room 101

Learning Goals

morning meetings - trusting others with our thoughts and feelings

readers use strategies to read hard words

readers read for enjoyment

readers read with stamina

shared reading

read aloud

sight words

writers can write anything they want: lists, recipes, note, greeting cards, menus, poems, schedules, brochure, posters, ect

geometry - composing and decomposing designs

calendar concepts



Please bring..

sack lunch

extra clothes, socks, shoes - so if we get soaked in water we can change for the remainder of the activities

water bottle

Please wear...


tennis shoes

green shirt

Specials next week:

m- library

t- pe

w- field day

th- dissmissal at 11:45 - no lunch is served


Summer school hours at Tiffany Ridge will be 7:40am-2:40pm, May 31-June 30.

Park Hill Summer School will offer a full-day program and include transportation. Summer school bus routes and stops may vary from those of the regular school year and will be assigned based on student enrollment turned in by May 12. Enrollees after this date will be assigned to an existing bus stop.
You can also purchase meals for your child during summer school, just as you can during the school year.
Summer school dates are May 31–June 30.


We will be passing out yearbooks on the last day of school. About half of the class has purchased one. If you are still wanting to get one, just send in $13 and I will grab one for you!