Stanley Williams

Changing His Ways...

Day 1: 3 Errors (Commas)

Williams was born on December 28 1953 in Shreveport, Louisiana. His mother was seventeen when he was born and his father left the family when he was a baby.

Day 2: 3 Errors (Capitalization)

By the time williams was a teenager, he had developed a reputation as a vicious street fighter. He was kicked out of several los angeles high schools for fighting, and spent several periods in juvenile detention center.

Day 3: 3 Errors (Capitalization of a Title and Proper Names)

His life and death stirred intense, emotional debate about the death penalty and its place in american society. A biographical TV-movie called Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams story was made in 2004, featuring Jamie foxx as Williams.

Day 4: 3 Errors (Use of Quotation Marks and Commas for Introductory Phrases)

According to Williams when he was being released from prison, the review board asked him what his future plans were. Williams responded that he planned on being the leader of the biggest gang in the world.

Day 5: 3 Errors (Capitalization and Commas in a Series)

During his time as leader of the crips, he was allegedly involved in robbery drug crimes and murder.