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November 2013

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Jeff Gordon Crash Leaves Him Scared for the Next Nace

By: Gavin Mangold

At Phionex motor speed way for 2013 Jeff Gordon crashed which worried him about his cars performance for the next race. And belive it or not he got 38 place. Yeah. The best stock car driver got 38th place. Suprise!

In Wisconsin

New Math Program Started in Pulaski

By: Gavin Mangold

Origo (made by cofounders James Burnet and Dr. Calvin Jones) stepping stones has started in the Pulaski school district. The program goes from K-5. Regular books go higher. There are also tools to help teach like the number case, online answers, the big book tools and more.

interviewer Gavin Mangold interviwed Juliah Linzmeier on her thoughts. "I think it's good in some ways and bad in others. it's sometimes easy and sometimes challenging."

Barkhausen Visit

On October 30th 2013 A.B.V.M. school K-5 went to Barkhausen located near Pulaski. when they were there they in the pond and learned about plants on a hike.

Barkhausen is a water foul preserve where you can learn about bugs and nature. It's also fun for the family.