From our Ethridge Family to Yours!

Let's Close the Distance Virtually!!! #CampEthStrong

Gearing Up For Our Families @EthridgeES !

Hello Eagle Parents and Students!

Welcome back from break! We have a lot of catching up to do and we are working on ways to do that! You will have heard from your child's teacher by now via email as we get our new Webex video/calling system up and running! By Tuesday, March 31st, if all goes well with the phone system, every Ethridge family will have been in touch with their child's teacher.

Mrs. Barentine and I are proud to lead our Eagle families in this new adventure of At Home Learning! We are seeing the best come out in each of us in various ways, and it has only been 1 week!!

Tasia Thompson, Principal

Jennifer Barentine, Assistant Principal

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Even though our teachers are bursting at the seems to reach out their classes and start teaching, the district has a strategic plan in place that we are following. The district and our teachers will be unfolding and implementing the Learning Plan of action soon, but don't hesitate to reach out via email to any of us if you have additional questions/concerns !

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We MISS All our Kiddos!

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LISD Meal Service at Stewart's Creek now!

I hope you saw in Dr. Roger's email that starting tomorrow Stewart’s Creek will be a feeding site too from 10 – 1 (they will be served two meals)! They will also have LovPacs available. LISD and our TC community are working hard to take care of each other in these challenging times!

A Few Resources for our Ethridge Families

Since our Fine Arts teachers, Nurse and Counselor are not as easily able to connect with individual students like our classroom teachers can, here are a few things they have put together to help you at home and help them stay connected in some fashion with you too!

Ethridge Counselor:

Ms. Mason will being connecting in a variety of ways with our Ethridge students and families! She has some fun focus topics for each day in her Counselor's Smore!

Ethridge Art Room:

Ms. Martin’s Art Facebook page

Ethridge PE:

A calendar of ideas for a strong mind, brave heart, and can’t lose

Ethridge Music:

Hello! Here is the google site I just created and am currently working on for our students!

I am actually practicing a surprise song to upload onto my site right now!

Ethridge Library:

I will be dropping in for some virtual Storytime next week. Until then, please remember that there are lots of great books available on Sora! Students can access it under LHUB and there are step by step directions on how to use it. I miss all my readers, but remember, reading is never cancelled.

Nurse Idalia's Twitter :

Follow our school nurse @IdaliaMagnone. She will be posting regularly and also adding LISD recommended health links/news/videos.

ISTATION and Your Child

Mrs. Barentine, our resident ISTATION expert, has a few tips for you to help your child successfully do ISTATION at home!

Istation reading is a wonderful way for students to work on their skills on their level. I have a few tips for you.

  • Weekly istation time depends on the student’s tier. Tier 1= one 30 minute session per week; Tier 2= two 30 minute sessions per week; Tier 3= three 30 minute sessions per week.
  • If a student logs off before a lesson has been completed, the lesson will restart from the beginning next time they log on. This can become very frustrating for students.
  • The ISIP test is the monthly assessment that is taken at school each month. Istation has adjusted their delivery of that assessment while we have At Home Learning in place. Now students will take the test the first time they log onto Istation reading at the beginning of each month. You will know if a student is in the ISIP test because it will appear on the bottom corner of the screen. The student should try to stay working in the session until the ISIP test is complete. Students will need a block of quiet, uninterrupted time to complete this.
  • It is important that the students complete their practice sessions and their ISIP tests without anyone’s help. The lessons provided are based on a student’s skill level. If too much assistance is given, the student will move up too rapidly and may end up on lessons beyond his/her reading level.
  • Istation has a wonderful help desk if you have any needs. You may also reach out to your teacher. They might be able to help solve any issues you might be having. For help from Istation, visit, email or call 1-866-883-7323 (press 2).
  • If you have not added Istation to your computer. It is easy to do. Visit
  • Your teacher should have emailed your child’s unique login and password for istation.
  • Happy reading!

Jennifer Barentine

Assistant Principal