Book Project

The Fallout by S.A. Bodeen

Theme 1: You are the creator of your own destiny.

The book The Fallout is the sequal to The compound. In the book The Fallout Eli and his sister Lexie both are worried about what they will be like in the future. Eli who is the son of Rex Yanakakis, owner of the Yanakakis corparation, lies to Eli, Lexie and the rest of their family telling that a nuclear war has caused them to live under ground in the compound for six years. He is afraid of becoming the man his father was, a monster who was willing to lie to his family just to show the world that it was possible to survive a nuclear war.

His sister Lexie, who was adopted, want's to find her real parents. After a long search she finds out her mother was in jail when she was born and was later killed. She fears of becoming like her mother and ending up in jail. Both characters however end up proving that you are the creator of your own destiny. Eli and Lexie help protect their family from their father, who they thought was dead.

Theme 2: Even if something may seem like the best, it may really be the worst.

In this book Eli's father is has created way to make yourself young again. He plans to sell his products that would actualy make you younger and keep his family on their own island with everything they could posibly need. Eli realizes the bad side to this in that his father wants to keep his family away from the rest of the world and even though they would have everything they would ever want he still decides aginst it.

The bad side to being able to make yourself younger is that if everyone never aged, the world would over populate. This helps prove that even if something may seem like the best idea, it may actualy leed to many more problems.