A lovely trip to the Bahamas

By: Kamerin McDuffie

Day one learning facts:

Bahamas country

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Bahamas flag

Day two:

Atlantis paradise island

I would go to this resort becuase they have a awesome and huge pool to swim and slide in. I would also go to there cool restaurants and parties. I would also have a good time because it has 4.7 rate so that has to be a good resort to go to. I also have been wanting to go there since I was little and saw that commercial on tv. But, I can't forget what I'm gonna eat which is some food. Some food I would also like to eat is goombay from the restaurants which is Papaya,pineapple, and green ginger. This is a Bahamian food. I have also kinda tried it because my grandmother made me some with a sandwich.

Day Three: Hello Mother

Dear mom,

I am writing to you because I have lost my passport. I do not not know where I lost it so don't send me a lot of questions. MOM I did look! I was wondering if your going to be mad if I can't get back home. I know your throwing a welcome back party but, can you push it back. I'll be one day later I can't stay longer because there something very top secret and need everyone who isn't armed to leave. I'll be safe give dad and sis kisses and I'll be there soon. BYE!

From, Kamerin your daughter asking for forgiveness

Day four

Christmas day

On Christmas in the Bahamas there is a festival,feast and celebrations. There's presents and parties. Its a lot of fun( atleast it looked like)! They celebrate Christmas the same way other countries do and it's not for the presents. They celebrate with a feast and card giving they also do festivals and parades and the activities they do are very large. They celebrate it because they believe in God. Not everyone celebrates it but most do that are Christians . There weather is typically warm during that time of the year so you would have a good time and enjoy the scenery and walk around the area and enjoy the BAHAMAS!

The invitations to the party๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿพ

Day five

Hello Producer


Producer:hello Kamerin I see you have accepted my request to be in the commercial

Me: yup

P: well you will be wearing a golden state jersey and get bullied until the splash brothers (Stephen curry and Klay Thompson)come to your school



P: it's okay (laughing) and you will be drinking a caprison so it means your cool if you drink caprison

Me: huh

P: it's means when you drink caprison your dreams come true

Me: okay cool

Me: how much

P: ummโ€ฆ500,000

P: if your good we'll bring you back

Me: okay but it still sounds weird

P: it will make sense when you see it after we shoot

Me: okay see you at the set in the BAHAMAS

Day six: home sweet home

Dear Michaela,

I had an amazing journey, one of the parts I really enjoyed was when I celebrated Christmas in the Bahamas. What I did there was I went to a festival and a parade and ate delicious food. I also starred in a commercial with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson from the Golden State team. I couldn't wait to get back out here for the party if you didn't hear about it. It was the party my mother was throwing. It's getting pushed back but only by one day it's actually tomorrow because I'm back and I'm home. P.S. Check out the commercial I started in I did a heck of a job.