Central Park East II

Celebrating 35 Years of Progressive Education at CPE II

Celebrating 35 Years of Progressive Education at CPE II Wednesday, June 8th

Regular Dismissal for All Students

Please note that students cannot remain at CPE II after school unless they are registered at Taller Latino. Thanks

The Schedule

3:45 to 4:45 PM Big Yard 104th Street (May be cancelled due to weather)

Garden Tours by Anat and team

Parent Child PE activities by Rob‎ and team

5:00 to 6:00 PM 4th Floor

All classrooms open with ‎exhibits and interactive displays. Art Show in the Hallways.

6:00 to 7:00 PM School Cafeteria

Light Dinner

RSVP to classroom teachers or Nsmith3@schools.nyc.gov if you have not yet done so

Taller Latino Student Pick-up

We hope that all Taller Latino afterschool students will be picked up by 4:55. Please let us know (Naomi at Nsmith3@schools.nyc.gov, or text Jai) if you will not be there by this time.

Where to go first

All families should start in their child's classroom at 5PM. Middle School families should go to the 104th Street library (room 407). If you have more than one child, go to the oldest child's classroom first. After seeing your child's classwork, you may move around as you wish. Older students will be remaining in their classroom to help explain the work, younger students will accompany their parents.


At 5:55 please head down to the cafeteria for dinner. Pick up any of your children that were left in their classroom first.


Parent Association Elections Tonight

The PA Executive Board Elections will be held at the Celebrating 35 Years of Progressive Education Showcase Event.

The Candidates are:

  • Co-Presidents - Alissa Peck and Jorge Estrella
  • Secretary - Alex Donn
  • Vice President - Anat Grosfeld
  • Vice President of Communications - Muronji Inman-McCraw and Mitchell McCraw
  • Vice President of Parents Services - NinaZmanovskaya
  • Treasurer - Michelle Perry

Please be sure to vote.

Please complete an EXIT TICKET tonight

Tonight’s Window into Progressive Education was inspired by YOU! Many of you have asked us to share a definition of progressive education that is embedded in CPE2’s philosophy of teaching and learning. Like any good teacher would do, we have chosen to SHOW, not TELL, what we think progressive education looks and feels like on a daily basis in our school community. We hope that you enjoy your visit and will take a few minutes to reflect on what you noticed this evening.

Your comments will help us to know if our intentions with kids are clear and known to the larger community.

Please complete an Exit Ticket that asks:

Did tonight’s classroom visits help further your understanding of the learning that happens at CPE2?

What stood out for you?

Would you be interested in coming to an event like this again?

The Art Show

Work displayed throughout the entire 4th Floor

This year, the art show represents work from all students in PK through 5th grade. Each student selected the two pieces she or he liked best amongst all of the work she or he created in the art room this year. Art work is displayed on bulletin boards and tables throughout the 4th floor. The collected works have been created in a variety of 2D and 3D media, including clay, paper sculptures, watercolor paint, craypas, mixed media collage, papier mâché, charcoal, tempra paint, pencil, and pen. We hope you enjoy the show

What to see: Blurbs about the work

lisa and Carmen’s Pre-k Class. Room 406

Will be presenting a Worktime Museum. Student Worktime caught in time;

Displays of works in progress and some of the children’s thoughts about them.

Kerry and Vesna’s Kindergarten Class. Room 413

Will be highlighting the work they have been doing on the class band, which incorporated reading, writing, social studies, math and science.

Julie, Celenia, Nya, Ms. S and Sarah’s Kindergarten Class. Room 412

Will be sharing the work students have done in Worktime, such as Magnitiles, Lego and Block structures along with their “junk construction.” They will also be sharing their All About Books.

Karen and Jayne Ann’s First Grade Class. Room 411

Will have First grade Worktime projects on display. Just as they do in a writing celebration, children will stay by their work and share with visiting parents.

Melissa, Juanita, Marquis & Tatianna’s First Grade Class. Room 405

Will be highlighting worktime and their work with bears (part of Bank Street’s Emotionally Responsive Practice). In the arts and crafts area students are working on their bear apartments. They are decorating it with images of school and home to help their bears (and themselves) get ready for summer break.

Cristel, Valerie, Glory and Chloe’s Second Grade Class. Room 403

Will be presenting the work their students have done related to the second grade Bird Study. Work on display will include clay birds, student field guides and journals.

Tiffany’s Second Grade Class. Room 404

Will be sharing Realistic Fiction stories, some will be published, some will still be in the revising and editing stages. They will also be presenting their bird research posters and paper mache birds in conjunction with their second grade bird study.

Alison, Naomi, Jai and Ali’s Third Grade Class. Room 402

We will be showing our work related to stereotypes people have about Africa presented in various mediums based on student choice. The students have come up with stereotypes that they once had about Africa and they have done research on how to educate others about how important it is to not stereotype groups of people and to “debunk” misconceptions. They have zoomed in on Kenya and their work focuses on this country specifically.

Joianne’s Third Grade Class. Room 401

Will be sharing the work they have done in collaboration with Andrietta during Science on animal habitats and the research they did to gather information. They will also be sharing the Biographies they researched and wrote earlier in the school year.

Megan, Yvonne, Shanika, Kevin and Andrea’s Fourth Grade Class. Room 416

Will be sharing their Native American Indian studies projects and the information they have gathered through the year. Students will also display their very own math games along with writing samples from their units of study this year in Literacy.

Billy, Jessica, Shayran and Andrea’s Fourth Grade Class. Room 415

Will be highlighting four major areas of work.

· “The Best Part of Me Poems,” written by students about parts of their bodies.

· A Christopher Columbus Mock Trial – where students have reenacted the Columbus trials (a video will play for families on the SmartBoard every 15 minutes) along with artifacts and evidence displayed on tables.

· Student Group Iroquois Posters demonstrating each of the tribes of the Iroquois Nation on the bulletin boards outside of the classroom.

· NYC 400 years ago, student created water color paintings to represent a scene from "Gotham" to show what NYC looked like 400 years ago displayed outside of the room.

Rajihah, Lee Ann and Mumtaza’s Fifth Grade Class. Room 414

Will be showcasing student's Work Time ideas, processes, and accomplishments throughout the school year. CPE II community members will be able to witness first hand the creative and thoughtful work students have completed. Work will be presented the through visuals and words.

Nell, Margrit and Delvin’s Fifth Grade Class. Room 410

Will be showcasing their year-long social activism work. Students will share their informational research reports on social movements, as well as an activist project inspired from their research.

Clarissa, Matt, Yael and Dre’s Sixth Grade Students. Room 407 - The Library

The sixth graders will be showcasing their work in Welikia this year. The Welikia Study is the heart of the 6th grade curriculum at the Central Park East II Middle School. Before Henry Hudson arrived in what is today New York Harbor, the Lenape Indians inhabited this land, appreciating and respecting the biodiversity the island offered. They called the island Mannahatta and referred to this region as Welikia (meaning “my good home”). Naturally, things look quite different today. Throughout the year, the students engaged in a scientific and historical study of this land that has become our good home. This resulted in their visions for a more sustainable NYC through the use of the VisionMaker software.