constitution and federal era

three events facts and two people

the XYZ affair

the XYZ affair took place when john adams was president and he refused to help the french with their revolution.

the french asked for 250000$ just to start speaking to the united states about this matter

sparked a undeclared naval war between us and French after the us declined the bribe and the french stared taking sailers hostage

shays rebellion

started over the taxing of the poor bye the rich

led and started by denial shays to protected his and others freedom and property

put a olive breach in there hat to symbolize they where fighting against oppression from the likes of James Bowdoin

constitutional convection

led by Gorge Washington in 1787 to change the articles of the confederation because the fed gov did not have enough power

55 delegates showed up among them was Thomas Jefferson and john adams and they discussed how and why the constitution had to change

only 39 out of the 55 actually singed the constitution because some people did not like the idea to give the fed gov more power.