Benjamin Franklin

By: River Romeo


Most people only know Benjamin Franklin as the man that proved lighting was electricity, but he did a lot more than that. Benjamin Franklin was very inventive as a child. He was the owner of a printing company. He helped persuade the French government to send supply's for the war. Benjamin Franklin was a very accomplished man.

Benjamin Franklin's early life

you along with many other people do not know what Benjamin Franklins childhood was like, but today is your lucky day because that is what this paraghraph is about. he was born on January seventeenth, 1706 in Boston Massachusetts. Benjamin Franklin grew up in a big and lively family. He was very inventive as a child and even made wooden paddles to improve his swimming strokes. but he went to school too. His father sent him to Latin school for one year in the hopes that he would become a teacher. He only went there for a year because it was too expensive. Then he started going to a school called "Mr. George Brownwells School for Writing and Arithmatic."

Being a Printer

He was a printer for seven years and worked for various printers in Philadelphia and London, England. Then he became part owner of a print shop in 1728 and was twenty-two years old. Two years later he became full owner of the business. He published a well known book called the "Poor Richards Almanac". The Poor Richards Almanac was read throughout the united states and translated into many languages. By 1740 his was the biggest printing company in the America. Benjamin Franklin's printing career payed off.

winning the revolutionary war

If it weren't for Franklin America would not have won the Revolutionary War. In 1754 he was a delegate to the Albany Congress, meeting of colonial representatives discussing the possibility of unifying American colonies. Franklin helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence and was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. during the American Revolution he was sent to Europe to persuade the French government to send military forces and financial aids and he actually succeeded! He was a member of the peace commission that finally ended the war!


Now you know all of the other things that Benjamin Franklin did that went down in history. Franklin went to many schools to become what he was. His printing company ended up being the biggest in America. Franklin persuading the French government was one of the turning points of the war. Benjamin Franklin was a very important part of colonial and American history.


* arithmetic - A branch of mathematics that deals with numbers and their addition, subtraction, and division.

* Constitutional - Of or relating to the system of beliefs and laws that govern a country.

* delegate - A person who is chosen or elected to vote or act for others.

* financial - relating to money.

* Revolutionary - Relating to, involving, or supporting a political revolution.


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