Sunset Park Prep - 6th Grade Info

Welcome 6th graders! We are so happy to have you at Prep!

Hi and welcome to Sunset Park Prep. This is the second email - you should have also received an email with a temporary password. This newsletter is for students. This newsletter will help your student get connected to Prep.

Hola y bienvenidos a Sunset Park Prep. Este es el segundo correo electrónico: también debería haber recibido un correo electrónico con una contraseña temporal. Este boletín es para estudiantes. Este boletín ayudará a su estudiante a conectarse con Prep.

嗨,欢迎来到日落公园准备。这是第二封电子邮件-您还应该收到一封包含临时密码的电子邮件。 这本通讯是给学生的。该新闻通讯将帮助您的学生与Prep建立联系。

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Let's get you set-up online for summer and fall!

This newsletter has all the information you need to get online at Prep. In this newsletter, you will learn:

  • How to log in and check your *NEW* email address!
  • How to go into your 6th grade Google Classroom.
  • How to find your summer reading and math assignments.
  • What class you will be in for the 2020 - 2021 school year.
  • Who can help you this summer if you have questions.


All students at Sunset Park Prep get their OWN gmail address. Your Principal and Assistant Principal and teachers will use this email address to send you important information this summer. During the school year, you may use this email address to work on projects with friends.

GO HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to open your *NEW* email address:
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Need help? Email address not working?

FIRST, check this list for the email addresses. Make sure your have the email address we made for you! Check here:

Still not working? You can watch this video of how to set up your email address.

Still not working? You can email, call, or text our awesome technology manager Mr. Leon. His email is or text (929)-277-8746.


At Prep, we use GOOGLE CLASSROOM for school assignments. For this summer, there is one Google classroom for your grade.

GO HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to check Google Classroom:

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NEED HELP? Can't get into Google Classroom?

First, you can watch this video of how to go into Google Classroom.
Still not working? You can email, call, or text our awesome technology manager Mr. Leon. His email is or text (929)-277-8746.


Now that you are in Google Classroom, you can see the Summer Assignments! You have summer assignments in ELA and in Math. You can find these assignments on Google Classroom. Every student should complete summer work by the first day of school.

Your ELA teachers will have an optional live session this Thursday (July 23rd) at 10:30 am. You don't have to go. If you want to go, you can meet your ELA teachers, learn about the book you are reading over the summer, and learn about the assignments.


We have your homeroom classes assigned. You can check it out here!

*We will probably be in smaller groups for the fall. We will let you know more before we return to school.

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Have questions? We can help!

We hope you find time this summer to rest and relax. If you need to speak with someone with a specific question, feel free to get in touch with us! Here is who can help:

  • Are you a parent with a question? Get in touch with our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Deliz. She can help direct you. Her email is or phone number is 646-942-3106.

  • Is your student having trouble with Google Classroom? For tech questions, email Mr. Leon at