Huddle Meeting 8/6

Back to School

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Some Good News

From the library department:

We are excited to share that the CCISD library department was chosen by the Molina Foundation as one of the recipients of the Molina Foundation Book Buddies program. The grant provides a truckload of new books valued at approximately $325,000 to be distributed to our K-12 CCISD students in need of home based reading materials. We wanted to share some details with you about the grant.

-Each campus will be receiving a pallet of between 10 and 20 boxes of books.

-CCISD will deliver the books within the next two weeks.

-The intent is for students to be able to take the books home and keep them.

-We ideally would want to target students who do not have reading materials at home.

-There is not a timeline of distribution or tracking of materials.

We are very excited to be able to offer these to our students. If you have any additional questions, please reach out. Happy reading!

Current Brick and Mortar and Clear Connections Numbers

Brick and mortar on the left (average class size if 5 teachers (6 in fourth) have the brick and mortar students).

More information to come on Clear Connections next week. There is a meeting for principal's tomorrow morning to discuss.

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Back to School PL Beginning August 10

Team Leads will be facilitating their teams through Modules during the first two weeks of Professional Learning.

Here are the sets of Facilitator guides and participant guides for modules 1A and 1B that teams will be working through together on Monday and Wednesday afternoons of next week. These guides will need to be printed before teams gather to work through the modules. Course CCISD Professional Learning.
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PL- Playbook Modules beginning on Monday, 8/10

Team Leads will facilitate the models with your teams. Teachers will need to be gathered in the same space to watch the modules and then complete the deliverables.

Facilitator Guides and Participant Guides for Modules 1A and 1B are below.

CCISD Instructional Insider- July

Teachers will be working with teams digging into this during the first week back on campus.

Scheduling for School to Home Learning

  • Two separate schedules will exist for the year. A) Schedule for brick and mortar instruction B) Schedule for school to home learning
  • Grade level teams will need to have the same schedule for school to home learning. As a campus we will work to make sure schedules don't overlap to allow for homes with multiple students to participate in synchronous instruction.
Schedules for Virtual Learning

Teacher Structures and Schedules and Supports for Virtual Learning

Elementary Take Home Supports

Teams can work with coaches to decide what we would like to print and send home with students. We can send a pdf of the selected sheets to the print shop for them to print for us if we get it in early enough before they are back logged!
Elementary Take Home Supports

Suggestions for take home bags with materials for students. Suggestion to Xerox and send home in a gallon size baggie.

2020 Block Schedule