The coolest color changing tortoises you'll ever see!


The Chamele- turtle is a Chameleon and Turtle hybrid. They have roamed Mrs. Park's room since CMSN was formed. The Chamele-turtle is an important part of their ecosystem. Their niche is important for the up keeping of their environment. Today, we will show you "Burt", the king of the Chamele-turtles.


The Chamele-turtle are most widely known around CMSN for their exotic colors. The Chameleon Tortoise hybrid have the exoskeleton and structure of a turtle, but have the color changing ability of some species of the Chameleon. The way that they turn different colors like Chameleons, is my making themselves absorb more or less light to reflect a different color off of them. This ability to change colors benefits the organism by helping them avoid predators such as, Mrs. Parks' 2nd period class.

Burt's radical camouflaging techinque


The Chamele-turtle often live around Mrs. Parks' rock wall because of all of the fun colors to change to! They have tons of fun lazing around and eating left overs! They make good friends around all of the classroom pets (Burt has a thing for Arizona the lizard ;)
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Chamele-Turtles have a weak sense of hearing. To compensate for this hearing loss, they use a for of echolocation to navigate themselves by their antennae. They pick up signals and noises from their environment. Each Chamele-turtle has a different looking pair of antennae. Burt has heart shaped metallic looking ones.


As an adaptation to attract distracted students, Chamele-turtles inherit different scents. These scents help attract students who will feed the turtles. The scents each smell equally delightful, but they are customized by genetics. Burt has a strong scent of Japanese rosebuds from his Japanese ancestors.

Eating Habits

This specific breed of turtle aren't very picky. Much like humans, the turtles still have preferences individually as to what they like to eat. Generally, the turtles will eat food given to them by distracted students. They will also feed on leftover food left all over the class room. Burt loves extra cheesy goldfish.


These turtles have a very important role in Mrs. Parks' science lab. They feed on leftover food around the classroom. They clean up the food and mess around Mrs. Parks' room, leaving each period with a mess-free learning experience.