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What do you understand by Project Scope Control?

Project scope control is used by managers to realize the status of the project. As a manager, you have to identify, if the deliverable are as per the need of the project. If there are any changes in the project scope baseline, you can control them with the help of project scope control. In the event that you are new to the responsibilities of a manager, you can visit sites offering training on project management tools online. From there you can learn about scope control.

Importance of Project Management Plan in Scope Control

The project management plan is the baseline of the scope. It is the scope expected by the organization. It is also the platform against which you can measure the scope already used by you. If you notice a change in the direction of the implemented scope, you need to take required actions.

Scope management plan, requirements management plan and configuration management plan are parts of project management plan. They help in project scope control by informing you about managing changes in requirements.

The Process of Controlling Scope

Project management tools online teach you how to calculate the difference between baseline scope and existing scope of project. You have to decide, if you should implement corrective actions in case you notice a variation. In the event that change is necessary, you can raise a request for it. If change control board approves your request for change, you can modify the scope and bring changes to the schedule of work.

Scope can be controlled by the procedures and rule books of the organization.

Project scope control is an important part of project management. It is the process to take measures when you notice that there is a difference between current scope and expected scope. Learn project management tools online to make sure that what you deliver matches with the needs of the organization.