World Geography Final Exam Review

Cole Antonelli

Page 1

  • Provide example how physical geography can affect countries economies.
Colombia for fertile soil, Saudi Arabia for oil.

  • Immigrants add to diverse culture?
Combine traditions and bring in/make new customs.

  • Greatest impact on political, economic, and culture elements of Mexico?
Colonizations and exploration

  • New foods in Western Europe?
Colombian Exchange

  • NAFTA & E.U. Formed?
Promote cooperation with member nations.

Page 2

  • Map ?
Most countries in South America got independence between 1790-1828.

  • Cold War counties to impact political landscape of Europe
Countries are still trying to pull together their economic systems.

  • Why was the U.N. created?
To promote international cooperation, achieve peace & security, provide humanitarian aid.

  • Geographic circumstance hampered Russia's success in foreign policy?
Lack of warm water ports.

  • What major change was going on in Europe during 1989 democratic elections in Latvia, Poland, & Ukraine?
Fall of the Berlin Wall & fall of communism.

  • After E.U. Formed, why did we see population shift in Europe?
More industrialized place, more opportunities for jobs, better living conditions.

Page 3

  • Why North Africa is different than South Africa culturally and advancement of medical care?
The Sahara desert separates them.

  • Why is Nelson Mandela a hero to many South Africans?
He negotiated the end to apartheid in South Africa.

  • Negative cultural of European colonization in South America and Africa?
Cultural divisions which led to mass civil wars, dictators, and corrupt leadership.

  • What happened next?
Fight for independence.

  • Africa has poor economies even though they have an abundance of natural resources?
Lack of education, money, and infrastructure.

  • Globalization caused rapid sprea of H1N1 flu and Ebola demonstrate?
Cultural diffusion.

  • What important values are essential to Affican tribes?
Seclusion, be left alone, and practice their beliefs.

  • African influence on food and customs in the Caribbean?
Slave trade stopped in the Caribbean.

  • Arab Spring changed Middle Eastern and Northern African states?
They now have democratic governments.

  • B/C of foreign conquerors and physical features, How has Afruca changed over last century?
Religious beliefs and the way of life. Forced conversions.

Page 4

  • Why have Israels border changed so much?
Conflict with its neighbors.

  • What can oil rich nations in the Middle East do to ensure longtime economic success?
Diversify their economy.

  • How are women treated in traditional Islamic monarchy of Saudi Arabia?
Complete,u cover bodies in public and have little to no rights.

  • Political stance summary.
Any country can use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

  • Two major reasons that Saudi Arabia is important to many people around the world.
Mecca and its oil reserves.

  • What has come friom The Middle East having limited amounts of fresh water?
They are the ,waders in desalinization plants.

  • Why do some countries in SW Asia continue to gain money from natural resources while some don't?
Not all countries have the same amount of natural resources.

  • Movement of tectonic plates moved Indian subcontinent up to Asia and created...?
The Himalayas.

  • Conflict in the province of Kashmir b/w India and Pakistan?
India thinks it's theirs because there's Hindus in it, but Pakistan thinks it's their territory because there are Muslims in it.

  • Why do people in SW Asia depend on summer monsoons each year?
So they can grow crops.

  • Where are most Chinese cities located?
Along the coast with fertile soil.

  • What country is the most devolved and least developed in Asia?
Japan is the most developed and Bangladesh is the least developed.


  • Stateless Nation: A culturally linked poplation but not recognized internationally.
  • Population Density: how many people live in a certain area (sq. Km)
  • Plate Tectonics: Theiry that earths outer shell is divided into several plates that glide over the mantle.
  • Outsourcing: The practice by companies of sending portions of work to other counties to reduce cost.
  • Subsistence Farming: Farming for oneself.
  • Commercial Farming: Farming to make a living.
  • Cultural assimilation: Process by which a person or a groups language and or culture come to resemble those of another group.
  • Cultural hearth: Area where new ideas spread to other parts of the world.
  • Cultural diffusion: spread of cultural beliefs and social activities from one group to another.
  • Urbanization: Population shift from rural to urban areas.
  • Globalization: process of interaction b/w people, companies, & governments of different nations. Driven by international trade.