M.C. Escher Biography

By~ Princess Alyssa

Math Contributions and Accomplishments~

He is a dutch graphic artist. He is known for his often mathematically inspired woodcats, lithographs and mezzolines.

Birth and Death Years~

Born on June, 1889 - Died on March 27, 1972

Place of birth, childhood, and any variations throughtout the lifetime~

He was born in Dutch province of Friesland. His parents, George Arnold Escher and Sarah Gleichman Escher, had three sons of which Maurits was the youngest. His father, George, was a civil engineer. The Escher family was living in Leeuwarden in 1898, where George served as Chief Engineer for a government bureau.


He attended elementary and secondary school there, and also in the seaside town of Zandvoort, where he lived for a while to improve his health. In 1907, he started learning carpentry and piano. In secondary school, his marks were poor except in drawing. His art teacher took and interest in his drawing talent, and taught him to make linocuts. He failed his final exam and thus never officially graduated. Never went to a college.
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Well known for ~

He was well known for his artistic ablitily. He won Knighthood of the Order of Orange Nassau in 1955. Those pictures up at the top are some of the most famous drawings. His pictures included some math in it. He used alot of shapes in his drawings that contribute to math.