By: Jade Garza

Cesario - Identity

Viola dressed up as a boy to hide her identity because she wanted to be a servant of Duke Orsino. She changed her name to Cesario because she had to have a boy name to help with her disguise. She thinks of herself as a strong young woman that would do anything to have Orsino love her.


Viola dressed up as to a boy because she needed a job and She wanted to work for Duke Orsino. Duke Orsino wasnt accepting girls so Viola had to pertend to be a boy to get the job. Viola is really having a hard time being dressed up as a man because she starting to have feelings for Duke Orsino . viola cant expressed her feelings because If Duke Orsino finds out that she is a girl she will lose her job. Sir Andrew challeages Viola to fight himself over olivia but if Viola fights Sir Andrew she will get beat up and it might reveal that she is not a man she is a female and it would ruin everything.


its very hard for viola to be a boy and a girl that the same time because people are thinking she is a man and she growing feelings for duke Orsino but she cant express her feelings because if anyone find out she is a girl she will lose her job. But everyone that doesnt know she is a girl thinks Cesario is so cute .