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Summer Schedule and Fall Trainings, Intention Workshop

Level Up Your Practice by Joining us on our next Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

If one of your goals is to be a yoga teacher or just deepen your knowledge and understanding of this ancient practice, then this training is for you!

Information about our program starting this fall, October 2023:

Our training includes but not limited to⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

Unlimited classes during the duration of training
Yoga Anatomy
Hatha Lineage
Alignment based yoga
Trauma Informed Yoga
The ancient practice & philosophy of yoga
Asanas (physical practice)
8 limbs of yoga
Yamas and Niyamas
Yoga for ALL students
The Chakra Systems
The subtle body (emotional body)
Intro into Ayurveda
Business of Yoga
Yoga Ethics
Job placement
Exploration of the Self
Yoga Sutras
Intro to specialty populations
200hr Yoga Alliance Certification upon completion

✔anyone looking to expand their knowledge of yoga
✔anyone looking to deepen their practice
✔anyone dedicated to the service of others
✔anyone looking to heal, grow, expand and become present in their daily lives

You don't have to want to teach yoga to others to embark upon this training. In fact, many students begin the journey saying they are here to deepen their practice. Blossoming into teaching others often comes later, but not for everyone. It is important to note, our Yoga Teacher Training Program, is in actuality a self development course, taught through the lens of Guru to student.

Dates and Times

These dates are a guideline. If some dates can not be attended, make ups will be offered, as well as sessions recorded for students to be done as make ups, as training progresses some dates are subject to change, due to conflicts of trainees and trainers.

50hrs of classes to be taken to maintain practice (combination of in person, and virtual library if needed)

10hrs of Teaching Clinics

10 Hrs of Observations/Adjustments

5hrs of Self Care Services

125hrs of In Person Training: Approximately 1 weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) Per Month, 1 Weeknight Per Week

Dates are subject to change as training progresses, live sessions and other sessions will be recorded for make ups in case someone could not attend. *Please note not all months are the exactly same*

In Person Schedule for Fall Training

Fall Training Schedule

Weekend Days


Saturday 10/14/2023

Saturday 11/18/2023

Sunday 12/3/2023

Sunday 1/7/2024

Sunday 2/18/2023

Sunday 3/3/2024

Saturday 3/23/2024


1 weeknight training per week will be conducted from 6pm-10pm. (Currently trainings will be held Thursday evenings, as well as some Monday evenings, when Thursdays are not available) Weeknight training will begin the week of October 19th.

Graduation Weekend: 4/13-4/14/24

*Please note some calendar months that are longer have 2 dates where as shorter months will be absent from weekend training, this is subject to change based on trainees and trainer schedules*

*Membership is a part of tuition for trainees, and trainees are required to take minimum 1 required class virtual, and 1 additional class (can be virtual or in person) per week at no additional cost.

Let's Chat

All Trainees for programs meet with our Director Dani via phone, zoom or in person to discuss individual needs of the student and or the program. In addition, Trainees must fill out an application.

Please contact us via email or phone below to schedule a time to meet, even if it's the slightest bit of curiosity, so we can help you along the way.

A Glimpse into our Training Program

Guaranteed To Be A Life Changing Experience

Frequently Asked Questions?

Common Questions and Answers

  • I have only been practicing yoga on and off for a few years, am I ready? Yes if you have any curiosity about the practice, philosophy and science of yoga, YOU ARE READY!
  • What if I don't want to teach? You don't have to, many trainees enter a training program to further their study that they cannot gain from just regular yoga classes
  • Am I too Old? Yoga does not know an age limit. Yoga is for EVERY BODY AND EVERYONE!
  • What if I can't attend all of the dates? Dates are tentative and will be discussed during training. If you are unable to attend a date we will address it during make ups, or schedule a private make up. We are flexible both on and off the mat and make it work for everyone.
  • What if I can't commit to a regular practice during the duration of the training? You have as long as it takes you to complete all your requirements. Once they are completed then you will be ready to submit to Yoga Alliance. Everyone will graduate, however certificate of completion may be different for each individual.
  • How do payment plans work? We are very flexible with payment plans and will be worked out accordingly for what you can afford and when. Payment must be completed upon the week before graduation and how you do that during the duration of the program will be discussed with the director. "I do not believe that Money should every hold someone back from a path or journey that they are meant to be on, I have faith the universe will always provide for you, when you follow a path of destiny" -Dani
  • I really want to do this, but I am not sure right now is the right time? Time is of the essence. Only you know when you are suppose to do something. Programs may be offered again in the future, however ask yourself this "Will I regret doing not doing this now?" If the answer is yes, than the answer is probably right now!

What some of our graduates have said about our program:

"It's truly hard to put into words what Yoga Teacher Training did for me, but it has forever changed me. I am armed with tools to climb any mountain, no matter how high" -Rayna

"I've been given the tools to change my life" - Melissa

"I can't explain how much this meant to me. It helped me in the hardest time of my life, and I am forever grateful"- Colleen

"What an amazing journey, words cannot express how much my life is forever changed. I'm grateful for the peace and healing I received"- Sara

"Deciding to undertake the 200hr TT was one of the best decisions I've made. I not only expanded my yoga ability and knowledge, but learned so much about myself in the process" - Laura

"My relationships with my children, husband, family and coworkers all improved because of the benefits of mediation and becoming a 'true' yogi. My whole world is changed from this training and I wish it would never end"- Kelly

"The education I received far surpassed my expectations. I am proud of myself for doing this and completing what I had set out to do. Don't doubt yourself, enroll, even if its a small glimmer in your head" - Michele

Early Bird Pricing: Save $200 when registering by August 15th, 2023

300 Hour Teacher Training

300 Hr Teacher Training Program Summer 2022

We are happy to announce that our 300hr finally kicks off this fall!

This will be a 10 month program that will consist of 7 different modules.

This 300hr training will be an all-in-person training, with some discussion groups in google classroom but 97% in person. As always, if a date does not work, it can be taken on your own virtually and we will make that up for you.

*Furthermore these dates are tentative, and may change as we go, and/or if people show interest in a module that a date doesn't work for them, we may adjust. We are flexible, we are yogis*

Module 1- 190hrs 9/14 & 9/15/2023

(Rest of dates will be discussed as a group as we go)
Guide to Spirituality

This training will consist of but not be limited to

  • 10hrs per month in person training (Thursdays and Fridays 5-10, may change based on trainee and instructors schedule)
  • 25 classes taught
  • 25 classes taken
  • Study in depth of Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, Yamas and Niyamas,
  • Study of ancient texts will be discussed and utilized to dive deeper into the exploration of the Self, and as a yogi, and/or yoga teacher.

*you do not have to actively be teaching yoga to take this module, this is a further exploration of self development as a yogi, and teaching hours do not need to be traditional.

Module 2

Honing Your Voice as A Yoga Teacher

11/2 & 11/3/24- 6-10pm

11/4 & 11/5- 8-4pm

Exploring authenticity in your teaching
  • Finding your voice off the mat
  • Language activities to build a library of effective cues
  • Learning to rely on your words rather than the pose
  • Emphasis on teaching open level classes
  • Extensive hands on adjustments

Goal: To feel comfortable in your own ability to lead a class and help students to grow as you grow as a teacher.

Module 3- 24hrs

2/12 & 2/15- 6-10pm

2/16 & 2/17 8-4pm

Extensive Anatomy for the Yoga Teacher
  • Injuries and how to help our students
  • When the body is misaligned and why
  • What people think and what is often going on in the body
  • Therapeutics
  • Yin Yoga for Injuries
  • Strengthening common areas of weakness
  • Stabilizing the core

Goal: To feel confident in providing obtainable yoga for all body types and/or injuries with a solid foundation and understanding of the mechanics of the human body.

Module 4-24hrs

4/18 & 4/19- 6-10pm

4/20 & 4/21- 8-4pm

Advanced Creativity

  • Sequencing all different styles and types of classes
  • Sequencing for privates and special populations
  • Gaining your creativity through sequence
  • Emphasis on different modalities, such as restorative, yin, gentle, and vinyasa flow,
  • Building classes with simplicity and ease

Goal: to learn to create effective and well balanced classes unique to your own style

Module 5- 24hrs

5/2 & 5/3- 6-10pm

5/4 & 5/5- 8-4pm

Lifestyle of a Yogi
Diving deep into the sister science of Ayurveda and how it assists in yoga
Exploring our duty as Yogic beings, and sharing with others
Business aspects to grow and expand in your career

Goal: A deep understanding of Ayurveda and how to apply it to your own lifestyle, furthering alignment on your own path.

Module 6-24hrs

6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27- 6-10pm

Energy Systems
  • Energy systems in the body, and how to explore them.
  • Getting acquainted with your own energy systems and identifying areas of strength and weakness
  • Learning and utilizing core concepts of Reiki for oneself and as a teacher (this is not to confuse with a Reiki Certification)

Goal: Deep knowledge of the esoteric realms of the body and energy systems.

Module 7 7/27 & 7/28
Graduation Module-20hrs
This Module is to be held when you have completed all other modules. They can be taken on their own as a collective to gain all of your 300 hours. As part of the last component, the Graduation Module will be taken and hours of completion will be demonstrated by teaching and sharing one's experience with others.

This training will be lead by Studio owner and Lead Teacher Dani Viskovich & Manager Ashley Smiroldo, 500-E-RYT and is in accordance with the Yoga Alliance standards. Guest teachers and experts will be additionally providing lectures throughout the training.

*Please note dates are subject to change based on availability of all parties, these are tentative dates as of now*

Meet Our Lead Trainer

Meet our Lead Trainer Dani Viskovich, 500 E-RYT. Dani is the owner and founder of LiLa Family Yoga and has been an active teacher for approaching a decade, practicing yoga for the last 15 or so years. She puts her heart and soul into her teachings both on and off the mat.

Dani sought her own holistic route to find her way to healing, which is where she found and fell in love with yoga. It provided her with something she didn't know that was so engrained in her life, the element of being present in her body, and the profound ability to heal as a result. She began her studies in the Hatha based lineage, with an emphasis on alignment and connection to the universe. Dani has since immersed herself in esoteric studies such as Reiki, Tarot, Meditation, Mindfulness, and philosophy of Yoga. Teaching students is her passion, however teaching Yogi's is her what she refers to as part of her life's work.

Dani is also a special educator and behaviorist; having a Ms.Ed in Special Education and Behavior Analysis. Dani utilizes her extensive knowledge of yoga, human behavior and teaching to bring unique Yoga Alliance approved teacher trainings. As a person who loves to give, she is beyond excited to join you on this exciting journey.

Dani often says, "I teach children to find their voice in this world, and I teach adults to find their inner child"

Meet Our Assistant Trainer

Ashley Smiroldo, 200 E-RYT, YACEP

Ashley began her practice in 2010 and soon after in 2013 started to share it as a teacher when she recieved her 200 hour certification. Throughout this time, she has studied various classical yoga traditions and has dedicated the last six years to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga under the guidance of her teacher Danielle Goldstein. With her backgrounds in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga, she blends aspects of these traditions to create a well rounded practice and a safe space to help guide students on their journey regardless of age, body, or skill.

Summer Schedule

As of June 26th, 2023- September 3, 2023

Please Note that Tuesday July 4th, there will only be am classes as well as Monday September 4th in observance of the holidays.

9:30am-10:30am- Gentle Yoga
7:00pm-8:15pm – Led Ashtanga (open level)* Note Class change
9:30am-10:30am- Yoga (Open Level)
7:00pm-8:15pm – Yoga (open level)
9:30am-10:30am- Yoga (open Level)
7:00pm-8:15pm- Candle Light Yoga (Gentle Yoga)
9:30am-10:30am Yoga (Open Level)
7:00pm-8:15pm- Yoga (open level)
9:00am-10:30am-Led Ashtanga (Open Level)*Note time change and duration

9:00am-10:15am- Yoga (open level)
9:00am-10:15am -Yoga (Open Level)

*schedule subject to change without notice*

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