The Final Solution

The "Extermination" and discrimination of the Jews


Progrom means the violent discrimination of an ethnic group. In this case the Nazi germans violently discriminated the Jews in and around Germany. The Nazi germans hatred for the Jews was lead by their horrible leader, Adolf Hitler.

Nuremburg Laws

The Nuremburg Laws are antisemintic laws against the jews. These laws prevent Jews from marrying germans, prevents jews and germans from having sex, jews can not employ german women under 45 years old, and prevents jews from displaying the Reich colors. These laws impacted every jewish person in Nazi germany and the surrounding countries.

Liquidation of the Jews from the Ghettos

The liquidation of the ghettos had a huge impact on the jews because after they left the ghettos they were forced to go to concentration camps or death camps where they were very likely to die. People were so afraid of going to these camps that they would try to hide from the germans in closets or underneath beds or in drawers because they knew that they would most likely die if they went to the camps.

Wannsee Conference

The Wannsee conference was a meeting between high ranking Nazi officials and surrounding government officials and secret service people from surrounding countries that house concentration camps and have a significant amount of jewish people in their country. They held this meeting to map out how they were going to round up all the jews and which camp they would be sent to. This was very important to the jewish people because this determined their fate.