The Brave Chronicle

Scholastic INC, September 2004, Pages =229, Margaret Haddix

Main Characters

Trey-He isn't brave, but he did one thing that was brave and now he said, "Got anything dangerous to do? Send Trey". He thinks he isn't brave because he doesn't do dangerous things.

Nina-She is one of Trey's friends that helps him on missions.

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This book is about a kid that went on adventures with his friends. He isn't really brave but he goes on a mission and everyone thinks he's the brave person now. One day he goes on the most dangerous mission and the cops are looking for him and he hides on the porch and the cops run right pass him then he fell asleep. Then wakes up then sneaks away so no one see's him.


The conflict of the story was how Trey tried to be brave for a day then gets chased by the cops because he tries to hide something from the cops but it doesn't work they end up looking for him.

title explanation

the title relates to the story because he tries to be brave and the book is about being brave so i thought it would be cool to call it the brave chronicles because the book is called among the brave.

book review

I would say this book is ok i didn't like some parts but some parts were also ok. I would rate it 5/10