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March 19, 2018


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Tune in every Monday for #MakeADifferenceMonday where we will feature a stakeholder, student, or fellow alumni answering "Five questions for B-C-S"

This week B-C-S is featuring, Middle School Secretary: Jackie Macko!

1. How many years have I been involved with B-C-S Schools?

  • I have been employed at B-C-S for 20 years. I began as a program assistant/site director at Acorn Alley, then a library assistant, classroom assistant, and finally my ultimate goal which was to be a school secretary.

2. What is your favorite part about being Secretary at the middle school?

  • I like the work I do as a secretary which involves many duties from answering the phone, to making bank deposits, to running report cards, and more. I love my job because of all of those things, but the best part of being a secretary at the middle school is being able to see many students and staff members throughout the day.

3. Do you have a favorite lunch form the cafeteria?

  • Oh, yes! My all-time favorite is cheese toasties and tomato soup. I also like (don’t see these offered at this time) is the frosted peanut butter bars. YUM!

4. What is a typical day like for you?

  • My day begins at 7 a.m. and I typically work until 3:30 p.m. I begin by checking the phone for voicemails, set-up our attendance spreadsheet, turn on the coffee maker (very important), and greet students and staff members as they enter the office. Once school is session, I help Mrs. Sandwisch with attendance, and other tasks as assigned or needed throughout the day. Once I leave work at the middle school, I go home to greet our cat named Binx, and Dachsund whose name is Max. Then I wait for Mr. Macko to come home from his job, prepare and eat dinner, and usually have some sort of meeting to go, such as Oak Harbor Village Council. If I am lucky enough, I may get to see my daughters, Allison and Emily and my two precious grandchildren, Lydia and Lincoln. I may even get to go to a music rehearsal, where I get to play my trumpet, or enjoy an evening out with friends. Beyond that, I can’t wait to be home home with my husband, pets, and relax for the evening!

5. What is your favorite season of the year?

  • This is a tough one for me, as each season offers something that I love and enjoy. But, if I were to pick one, it would have to be autumn. The reason would be that I love beautiful rich colors and autumn offers those colors, all thanks to mother nature!

B-C-S Levies Q & A Meeting Scheduled for March 22!

B-C-S Levies Q & A Meeting

Get the facts, and get your questions answered about the two levies on the May 8th ballot. This meeting is open to any B-C-S staff or community member.

Date: Thursday, March 22

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: Oak Harbor High School Auditorium

Your hosts: B-C-S Superintendent Guy Parmigian and Treasurer Cajon Keeton

Please help spread the word and bring a friend!

We will also be live on Facebook for those unable to attend!

Be sure to Like our page below!

Tune in every week for Levy Facts!

From Time to Time the District will put out facts about the two ballot issues before voters on May 8 called "Levy Facts." Check for more information about the levies or call the Board Office with questions (419) 898-6210.
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B-C-S Pre-school Earns 5 Star Rating from State

As acknowledgement for our commitment to early childhood education and our drive to exceed licensing health and safety regulations, our BCS Preschool Program, operated by North Point Educational Service Center, has garnered a 5 Star Rating.

The 1-5 star rating system is administered by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Preschool Programs funded by the Ohio Department of Education must earn at a minimum a 3 star rating. In order to achieve a higher rating, districts must meet all standards for a 3 star rated program and gain extra points through Learning and Development, Administrative and Leadership Practices, Staff Qualifications and Professional Development, Family and Community Partnerships, and Ratio and Accreditation.

Preschool is an integral part of a child’s education; it is the foundation from which they will continue to build for years to come. We are honored to be a part of your community and proud to be a stand out in early childhood education.

B-C-S Director of Student Services Jim Boss commented: "Mrs. Krupp and the entire staff at the B-C-S Preschool provide an outstanding educational experience for our students. This remarkable achievement is a direct result of their hard work and commitment to excellence."

What's Going On At RC Waters Elementary?

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This week at RC Waters!

What's Going On At Oak Harbor Middle School?

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Congratulations to Spencer Heintz for earning his black belt in "Band Karate"! Keep up the good work!

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OHMS Student Council helped out with Dr. Seuss Family Fun Night at RC Waters!



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Another outstanding Production by the Oak Harbor Thespians! WELL DONE!

This week at OHHS!


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Oak Harbor prom tickets available! The tickets are $40 each and will be available starting today until 3/23!

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  • Congrats Cade Petersen 7th place OAC Middle School State Placer!
  • Good luck to our Ohio Junior Olympic swimmers Alyse and Austin Sorg, Elayna Krupp and Troy Metcalf who are competing at Miami University.
  • Thank-you to everyone who purchased cookie dough from the track athletes. The money is used to help buy their uniforms and gear. Over 700 boxes were sold!!! The JH team is currently selling to help buy their warm-ups.
  • Congrats Logan Harris! 3rd Team All-State for Girls Basketball!


Congrats Louie & Val Damschroder winners of Spring 2018

Jill L Mincheff Sportsmanship & Integrity Award!

Well Deserved!



WEEK OF 03/19/2018

Friday, March 23

End of 3rd nine week grading period

Saturday, March 24

10:00 AM A HS ~ Track - Seneca East Relays

11:00 AM H HS ~ JV Baseball - Fremont Ross (DH)

11:00 AM H HS ~ JV Softball - Genoa (DH)

11:00 AM A HS ~ Varsity Baseball - Fremont Ross (DH)

11:00 AM A HS ~ Varsity Softball - Genoa (DH)

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The school district was founded on July 1, 1967 due to the consolidation of the Benton Township School District, the Carroll Township School District, and the Salem-Oak Harbor School District.Benton-Carroll-Salem Local School District, home of the Oak Harbor Rockets, serves 1700 students on three campuses: R.C. Waters Elementary School (Grades K--3), Oak Harbor Middle School (Grades 4--7), and Oak Harbor High School (Grades 8--12). The district is committed to serving the needs of all students to prepare them for the challenges of citizenship, the workforce, and life long learning.