E-Portfolio :: Evaluation

Grade 7B MYP Technology

Assessment Criteria E: Evaluation

0 The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors given below.

1 — 2 The student evaluates the product/solution or his or her own performance. The student makes some attempt to test the product/solution.

3 — 4 The student evaluates the product/solution and his or her own performance and suggests ways in which these could be improved. The student tests the product/solution to evaluate it against the design specification.

5 — 6 The student evaluates the success of the product/solution in an objective manner based on the results of testing, and the views of the intended users. The student provides an evaluation of his or her own performance at each stage of the design cycle and suggests improvements. The student provides an appropriate evaluation of the impact of the product/solution on life, society and/or the environment.

Evaluate my own performance

When I consider my performance during the INVESTIGATE stage I believe that I struggle a bit through this new program and not really knowing which direction to follow.

When I consider my performance during the DESIGN stage I believe that I couldn't actually design anything but then it worked out quite well. Just that I actually ended up changing some of my design.

When I consider my performance during the PLAN stage I believe that my plan was very accurate and worked out very well. But I struggle while designing the 4 different designs and had to choose one to create with.

When I consider my performance during the CREATE stage I believe that I had a wrong choice of website to make my e-portfolio because I chose square space which only lasted for 14 days. So, then I chose weebly instead.

When I consider my performance during the EVALUATE stage I believe that will go well. I wish that I can have a great grade as possible. I try as hard as possible to create my website and make it pretty and academic.

Suggested Improvement

When I examine my e-portfolio I believe it would be better if I've made my design more classic because classic designs looks really good and it can also change people's point of view towards classic designs.

When I consider my own performance and effort during this unit, I believe I would get better results if I put more work into my e-Portfolio and do more text explanations.

Impact of Society

My e-portfolio will have a positive impact on society, the environment and life in the following ways:

  • Not wasting papers
  • Not cutting down so much trees
  • People all around the world can see it
  • Societies view

Testing Result

This is my survey link; http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=zolqq0w6ohsre4r217838

4/5 people think my e-Portfolio is academic and as professional as much. I was alright through all the steps and I went well with all the instructions. But, since this is very new for me I missed some parts and I have to try and catch up as fast as possible to get in the same position as my mates. Creating am e-Portfolio was a totally new thing but using weebly was new at all. Using as e-Portfolio is actually not that hard cause all you have to do is keep them updated to new things that recently happening in school and just to inform and to reflect upon your day at school. I find it really easy to use and you can change your design and time you want so, it's like having different designs every one second.