Women Work Women Vote

Melanie Lopez & Emely Delcid


During the industrial revolution in Great Britain women were barley considered human

Women began to organize societies

When it came to Jobs employers preferred to hire women as they considered them easier to control and less expensive as they were paid less than men. Women slowly began to work to gain the right to vote.

  • They protested unfair laws and customs
  • had militant protests
  • Emmeline Pankhurts formed the Woman's social and political union (WSPU)
Our world was impacted because women were seen as domestic need and the ones to care for children. This has continued to be a common belief amount today although it has been kept quiet.

Suffrage organizations encouraged women to be active in politics. Women's participation resulted in both political parties becoming interested in gaining women's votes and lobbying for some of women's causes, such as equal rights legislation.

After the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, women used their voting rights to campaign for an expansion of social policies created during the Progressive Era

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In today's society women still strive for basic rights. Passed by congress June 4, 1919 and ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote. Sadly women are still widely discriminated as millions of children were selectively aborted just because they were girls. Son preference runs among both China and India. Both countries suffer from a vast gender imbalance which in turn is driving human trafficking and sexual slavery.

People today have higher expectations for them. They are able to attend college and train for professions. They are working in professions that are male dominant and have also created new institutions throughout the years.

They have more educational opportunities and salaries have increased although not like men. For example: Male teachers get paid more then female teachers when going into the teaching profession.