The Holocaust



Kristallnacht, also know as "the night of the broken glass", was a night where Nazi's in Germany burned synagogues, and vandalized Jewish homes and shops. After this night, about 30,000 Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps. In the camps they were either immediately killed, or worked and starved to living skeletons.

Arrival at the concentration camps

The first camp opened was Dachau concentration camp in Germany. People sent to the camps included Jews, blacks, homosexuals, Gypsies, disabled people, and Jehovah's witnesses. These people were stuffed into tiny cattle cars, and sent off to the camps. When they got there, Dr. Mengele inspected each one of them, and chose who he wanted to take to experiment on. They then went and had a very short shower to disinfect them from any diseases. In Auschwitz, people also got tattoos on their arm when they arrived. This was the start of the Nazi's dehumanization towards the Jews.

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