Project WorldView

AIESEC in Chennai, India


Hi. I'm an Exchange Controller from AIESEC in Chennai.
I am very glad to invite your EPs​ for Project Worldview. We are committed to provide Quality Experiences.


A city that is both young and old with a potpourri of cultures
The land of Yoga, that is rich in tradition and heritage
A city that's featured in New York Times' 52 destinations of 2014
Temples, Churches, Towers, Beaches and much more
Home to every traveler
Hub to every adventurer

Project WorldView

Project WorldView will feature 50 Interns working in 5 Teams of 10-12 Each. The agenda of the First week will be Orientation/Induction and Preparation for the project. The next 4 Weeks, Each Team will be delivering 4 Hour Sessions at Private Schools(5 Schools/week). Sessions will involve Presentations and also interactive activities. The last week will see the interns help in hosting the event.

Each team will be delivering sessions based on a fixed daily agenda to a minimum of 150 Children. All Sessions will have a PPT on the culture of the Intern’s Country & the following acts:

Start date: 4th July

PRIMARY SCHOOL: Traditional Songs/National Anthem and Dances can be presented to the children and simple songs & Dances can be taught. Traditional Costumes could be showcased in the form of a skit.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Arts & Crafts would be a major demonstration. Generating the best out of Waste, Doll Making, Fabric & Glass Painting would also be introduced to the children.

HIGH SCHOOL: Innovation & Leadership would be the theme of activities for the higher classes. Quizzes, Debates and Role Plays will be conducted to test the pupils.

The Interns will also form the ORGANISING COMMITTEE of a Multi Cultural Event as a culmination of the 4 Impact Weeks along with AIESEC Chennai to be conducted on the last weekend of the Project.

What do we provide?

1) Airport pickup
2) Sim Card
3) Internet
4) Accommodation - You will be accommodated in a flat with 20 other fellow EPs
5) Water
6) Electricity

What are you waiting for? Apply for a "chancey illa" experience :D

CHANCEY ILLA - Celebrating Chennai the AIESEC way

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Waiting for your response!

Thank you :D