Alfred Binet


Alfred Binet

Born July 8, 1857 in Nice, France

Died October 18, 1911 in Paris France


Thursday, Feb. 11th, 9:45am

Paris-Sorbonne University, Paris, France


Alfred Binet attended the University of Paris and received his degree in law in 1878. After completing this degree, he had got in to the study of Natural Sciences but never received a degree. Binet also educated himself by reading psychology texts at the National Library in Paris.

Working History/Experience

Binet got his first job as a researcher at Salpetriere Hospital, a neurological clinic in Paris. He continued on to become associate director of the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology back at the University of Paris.

Important Achievements

Binet published many books and articles while studying hypnosis and hysteria in his early days of research. But what he's most known for is his studies on a persons intelligence. During his research of school children's mental status and development, he came up with the basis of the of the IQ tests that we still use today.