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12th Grade Govenment Economics

Here at Vista High School in Murrieta, our goal is to have students equipped with 21st century tools so that they will be prepared for the global job market. Throughout this class students will learn about our specific type of government as well as be able to differentiate between other types of government and understand why they evolved that way. Students will also have a firm understanding of our economic systems, as well as free market values, and other important traits.
One of the best things about Vista Murrieta is its cultural diversity and how we count it as a strength and not a weakness. At Vista Murrieta Whites represent 54% of students. Hispanics make-up 22%, while, 6% of the district’s students are African-American. and finally Asian students make up 9% (Husing, 2015). We embrace cultural diversity in the classroom because California is so diversified and therefore studnets can get a taste of the real world in the classroom.

Why Our Teaching Methods Work: Differentiation.

At Vista, we understand that every student learns differently, not every student can learn by reading a textbook, or hearing a lecture, some students need a bit more hands on instruction, and its why we believe in differentiation. Differentiation basically means tailoring the instruction and information to meets every child's needs in the classroom.

Positive Learning Environment

Throughout this year, students will be learning a wide range of things as well as discussing current events and how they feel about whats going on around them. The classroom will be an open forum for discussion, but in order for students to join in the discussion, they need to feel safe at school. At Vista Murrieta every teacher goes the distance in ensuring their classroom provides a comfortable, nurturing learning environment. Sure there are inspirational posters abound, and great works of literature on the shelves in the back of the room, but most importantly every student knows they can speak their mind about certain issues without criticism from the class or the teacher. This is what makes the difference in a student listening to a discussion, and a student participating in a discussion.

Failure Is An Option

In this class students will learn something that many others have tried to teach them against. Failure is an option. Failure is sometimes what happens in life when you take a chance, however those failing should not be feared. If failed attempts can be learned from and turned into a positive than its never really a failed attempt. Its important for children to know that they can take risks in life and sometimes they may fail, but its also an opportunity to learn how to do it better next time. Its better for a young student to learn about failing and take chances than to have a 30 year old who has never taken a chance on anything and ruins their life because of a bad decision that they never were bale to learn from. At Vista, we are not encouraging failing, but rather trying to raise awareness that its not the worse thing that can happen.

Everyday Classroom life

Expectations: Everyday students will be expected to class on time, and ready for the days assignments. Everyday starts out talking about the current events happening in the world and how it affects the studnets. Students will be required to watch the news or have proper news feed on their phones (lets face it all students have smart phones these days). Students will have a firm understanding of topics in current events and be able to discuss their feelings and opinions rationally and logically.
Class work and assignments: Class work will consist of lectures (though as few as possible, because I dont like giving them as much as students dont like hearing them), research, and group work. In order to prepare students for the 21st century they need to know how to work in groups and be able to discuss ideas. It has been proven that the most reserved studnets when it comes to lectures and individual assignments become very active and lead the groups in group work (Davis, 1993). Assignments will be expected to be turned in on time, but every assignment will be covered thoroughly so there should be no reason why assignments cannot be turned in on time. However I am human as is every student in my class, and I understand that life gets in the way and should any issue be too pressing students can always come to me so that we can work something out and arrangements can be made.

Achieving success in the classroom to ensure success outside of the classroom.

The Promise: I want every student in my class to succeed and will promise to try my hardest to do my part as a teacher if every student promises to do their best as a student. My class is hard to fail unless you absolutely dont try. Participation points are given every day just for speaking your mind about what is going on in the world. Everyday in my classroom is an opportunity to succeed and all studnets need to do is show up everyday on time and participate. I try to keep things simple.

Information and resources for the stakeholders

At Vista Murrieta We pride ourselves on communicating wiht our stakeholders and knowing what is best for our students our specific areas of strength as seen on our website include:

1.VMHS has established a strong foundation for school focus and direction based on the CLASS model. All stakeholders have embraced this philosophy, processes, and protocols.

2. VMHS has developed a sound protocol for hiring staff that supports the CLASS model, and results in a faculty committed to the development of the whole child.

3. VMHS cares about students and student achievement, and has developed a cohesive relationship among all stakeholders necessary for school progress.

(VMHS data and findings 2012)


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