Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula

also known as Pancho Villa


His real name was doroteo arango, but he changed it to his grandpas name. Pancho Villa june 5 1878- july 20 1923 was one of the most prominent mexican revolutionary general warlord and revolutionary. Pancho villa and emiliano launched a rebellion against Porfirio diaz, he shot a guy who tried rapping his sister in the early age and he ran away to the mountains there he joined a band of outlaws and rose to the position of leadership got good money and gave it to the poor. He was also one of the most powerful man.


He fought against porfirio diaz with his army “ la division del norte” he distributed land between the peasants.


First battle of ciudad juarez:(1911). Won the battle of zacatecas; (1914 won). One of the key engagements of the mexican revolution the battle of columbus:(1916).


Becoming a bandit because when he killed the guy that raped his sister he ran away to the mountains. He started off by himself then he found other bandits and became their leader.


Porfirio diaz was a dictator and villa was against it. He was also a big supporter of francisco madero.