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## TeachMeet Special Edition ##

TeachMeet Event @TMMonkey_

Monkey See...Monkey Do

After the initial burst of enthusiasm generated by Paul Barrett's presentation, Monkseaton Middle are moving from TeachMeet rookies to future event hosts in the space of a few short weeks:

We will be hosting our own TeachMeet on Wednesday March 20th beginning with a buffet starting at 5pm, ready for the first presentation at 5:30pm.

TeachMeet has been described as 'the best CPD ever' by growing numbers of teachers who are ready and willing to take a far more proactive role in their own development. So come and mix with some like-minded individuals and use the TeachMeet network to kick-start your own learning about learning.

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Follow This link... to go to the sign up page and see the (ever-expanding) list of presenters and audience members, or scan the QR code below:


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Neil Cottiss is organising the event:


Paul Barrett recently introduced the school's staff to Teach Meet:


Karen charlton is the school's headteacher:

Anthony Jones manages the school's network (so fire your 'techy' questions at him):


John Marron teaches ICT and English at the school: